Automation for your 1:1 Personalization

With Xmedia you control and deliver relevant personalized content for your efficient campaigns across all channels.


Print-Marketing. Email-Marketing. Online-Marketing. Marketing is fast-paced. Xmedia enables you to communicate your brand independently, turning your customers into true fans.

A funnel and a coin.

Build your own marketing funnel

You know your target group best. Use your experience to build your own marketing funnel, which you can configure granularly from top to bottom.

A business card with customer information.

Learn from your visitors

From the first visit to order confirmation – our KPIs give you the most important information for optimizing your campaigns.

A flying missile.

Boost your lead generation

Appear whenever the perfect moment has arrived. Put your interaction in full swing and offer your best deals right away.

Vertical arrows.

Reactivate your cold audience

Sometimes your inactive acquaintances need a hug. Animate your customers with personalized content and build true brand equity.

A shopping cart with the number one in a circle.

Increase value of the shopping cart

Buy once – preferably twice. Make your customers aware of further offers with up- and cross-selling and increase your revenue.

An award with a star.

Intensify customer loyalty

Your strength lies in your individuality. Create indispensable added value through your marketing mix and be one step ahead of your competitors.

The faces behind Xmedia: the innovative team from CloudLab





Customer Engagement starts with personalized approaches.

Your customized content is our solution.

Develop your marketing campaigns like the professionals – but independently

No one knows your business better than you do. The Xmedia Campaign Builder enables you to create workflows based on actions, logic and decisions. Our user-friendly interface gives you the best insights to make optimizations as needed. Take your marketing activities into your own hands now.

A curve diagram with results.
A barrier with a check mark. Net lines in the background.

Different target groups need different approaches – customer segmentation is the answer

Just as we individuals are different, so are the customer groups in terms of age, purchasing behavior and income. Our segmentation helps you to build a uniform structure in your system to meet the specific needs of your customers. This way, you can avoid distraction and always design your addresses in a targeted manner.

Every consumer behaves individually – So does your communication style

Whether customer segments or established leads – design your communication measures according to the current level. Greet your new customers with a warm welcome or send your loyal customers a discount offer for their favorite product. There are no limits to your configurations.

A jumping circle on two rectangles and a square.
Xmedia Interface auf einem Bildschirm

Xmedia in a nutshell

  • Track visitors from your website – convert them into leads
  • Automate your omnichannel marketing on a single interface
  • Integrate your marketing in the eCommerce or CRM system

  • Build the customer journey according to your ideas

  • Start your cross-selling and upselling campaigns

Were we able to convince you? We would be happy to present our marketing automation solution to you in a web demo.