With dynamic content to success

Personalization is the essence of your content management. The more personal you as a brand communicate with your customers, the stronger the customer loyalty. Let your creativity run free and benefit from interaction rates – with dynamic content, your store comes to life.

1. Identify your relevant customer segment

Whether a big spender or a lost customer – every customer segment is different in their buying behavior. That’s why it’s important to always start your effective personalization strategy with a conceptual design. Think about how you want to target your customers. Our data gives you insights into buying behavior – to make your decisions easier.

  • Which customer segment do you want to attract to your offer?
  • Who made the last purchase?
  • Through which marketing activity should the approach be made?
A male with a question mark on his face.

2. Select your channels

Your communication can be so extremely varied.  You can choose between different communication channels to determine your marketing measures. Decide on one – or address your prospects via different channels right away. This way, your brand is in constant exchange and you create valueable brand identity.

An opened letter with a note. In the middle is an at sign.


Send your new customers a warm welcome greeting

An opened letter with a note. In the middle is a discount sign.


Send your lost customers a brochure with a customized discount promotion

An opened letter with a note. In the middle is a landing page.

Landing page

Offer your latest and most interesting products on a landing page

An overview of Xmedia's communication options.

3. Design the instructions of your communication action

Simple and flexible. You can edit your instructions as you wish. Start with the criteria you set in your personalization strategy. If only a specific customer segment needs to be targeted, select this segment. Your effective approaches vary according to your selected channel – this way you always choose the right wording.

Get to know your visitors


Every conversation starts with a greeting – even with your potential new customers. By entering specific code snippets, your greeting is customized and automated.


✓ Uncomplicated implementation

✓ Simple interface

✓ Countless functions

✓ Creative design options

Gain back the attention


Target your shopping cart abandoners. Your landing page can be customized for each individual – increasing your conversion rate without any complex communications. Your customers get instant access to the shopping cart – it’s just a click away.


✓ Increase the conversion rate

✓ Activate the cold audience

✓ Extensive compatibility

✓ Countless interfaces

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