Campaign building in just a few steps

Take conception into your own hands with our campaign builder. Create your workflows in the form of treemaps based on decisions, actions and conditions. Our drag and drop system allows you to quickly implement your strategies. With Xmedia, you are the configurator and can influence the customer journey as you see fit.

1. Select your customer segment

Create your customer segments based on various geographic, behavioral and value-based details. Our filter offers you a wide range of predefined customer categories that you can access in just a few clicks. This way, you will always keep your overview and are able to process your most important customer groups immediately.

2. Start building your campaign and implementing your strategy

After selecting the customer segment, it’s time to connect the paths. Our campaign builder offers you a choice between decisions, actions and conditions. We will explain the differences of each element in the following section:

Two overlapping arrows to the right.


A decision is made when a contact chooses to take action or not. Example: After sending an email, the recipient decides whether or not to open it.

A cursor in the direction of a dartboard.


Actions are executed by Xmedia. Example: If the recipient has been inactive for 6 months, then the lead score ranking will decrease by five.

A Funnel.


A condition is based on known profile field values or submitted form data. Example: If a customer has not ordered any products for over a year, a reactivation email is sent.

3. Determine the leadscore ranking according to positive and negative success

Xmedia’s intuitive leadscore system allows you to create a distribution mechanism using points. You independently determine how many points are distributed for a positive or negative success. The higher or lower the lead score ranking, the better your results will perform. The data you gain contributes to the further development and optimization of your strategy.

No reply

Email reminder reply

Current leadscore

Open email

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4. Optimize your campaigns according to your needs

Always the right interface for changes

The results of your campaigns are flow indicators that you obtain over a certain period of time. These indicators give you important clues for further refinement of your campaign. Adjustments can be made directly in the campaign builder. You always keep your overview and can change things where a change is necessary.

An overview of the connection of the paths.

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