Structure your data into customer segments

Your customers are your profit. Therefore, it is important to know how your customer groups react to active stimuli. Segmentation helps you divide your customer groups according to different characteristics and adapt your strategy. Whether for new or existing customers  – create new customer segments or use the predefined segments in our system.

1. Transfer your inventory data to the Xmedia system or create new customer segments

Our seamless interface allows you to transfer your previous data records into the Xmedia system – Or simply upload a CSV file. You can thus track all your achieved successes. If you have not yet generated enough data records, then define your dream customer based on certain characteristics.

An overview of different customer segments.

2. Define your customers down to the smallest detail

There are no limits to your digital business. Gain a significant competitive advantage by analyzing the behavior of your customers or visitors. Whether a silent visitor or the biggest fan – the Xmedia system won’t let your data slip away.



Buying Behavior

Buying behavior



Purchase Frequenzy

Purchase frequenzy





3. Use predefined segments

If you already have an idea of a particular customer segment, you can easily select a predefined segment. You can still edit your settings later. See some of our countless filter options here:

A shopping cart.

Shopping cart abandoners

Customers who have recently abandoned their shopping cart.

A male with an X.

Lost customer

Customers who made their last purchase a long time ago.

A money bag with a dollar sign.

Big money spender

Customers who have spent larger sums of money.

A male with a question mark on his face.

Anonymous visitor

Visitors who have not deposited any information.

A male with a star.

Loyal customer

Customers who have purchased most frequently in the recent past.

A male with a plus sign.

New customer

Customers who have recently made a purchase.

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